I am pursuing my Ph.D. under the guidance of Prof Tony Quek at the WDNS Group, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Singapore and co-advised by Prof. Jemin Lee, at Wireless Security and Communication Lab.

undefinedI am founder of Silence Laboratories, stealth mode startup in Singapore, where we strive to bring seamless security to practice.

Currently, I am a visiting researcher at SyNRG, Coordinated Science Laboratory, UIUC, USA where I am supervised by Prof. Romit Roy Choudhury[1]

I received my Bachelor in Technology (B.Tech) in Electronics Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), Varanasi in 2013. Afterwards, I was involved in the NETS project at iTRUST, Singapore.

I am working on techniques to enhance wireless communication using physical layer properties of the channel where I look in dimensions of security and tactility. I strive to bridge the gap between physical and upper layer communication paradigms and communities exploring them. At the end of my graduate research, I target to come up with tangible devices with embedded algorithms developed over these years while ensuring that it can be used right away.

Research interests: Cross-layer wireless security, Acoustic Security, Information Theoretic Secrecy, Physical Layer Key Generation, Tactile Internet, , GNSS SDRs, Stochastic Geometry, Cognitive Radio

  1. Research Assistant, WSC Lab, SUTD Singapore                              Dec 2014-Jan 2016
  2. Research Intern, SPC Lab, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore     May-July 2013
  3. Research Intern, SPAN Lab, IIT, Bombay                                                May-July 2012
  4. Remote Intern, Aerospace Engineering Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA,                                                                                                                         2012-2013

1. [Aug 19] “STEAR: Robust step count through Earables” accepted to EarComp, UbiComp 2019
2. [Apr 19]
a) Talk accepted at IEEE S & P, 2019
b) Poster accepted for IEEE S&P, 2019
c) Two posters accepted at ACM WiSec 2019
d) Awarded ACM WiSec Student Travel Grant
3. [Oct 18] Finalist INTERPOL Thinkathon, Global Innovation Center of Interpol, Singapore: ESOT: Emergency Service of TAP, First responder using Autonomous Drones.
4. [Aug 18] Visiting Researcher: DGIST
5. [April 18]
Paper on Secret Group-Key Generation at Physical Layer for Multi-Antenna Mesh Topology” accepted in IEEE TIFS journal
6. [Mar 18] Poster Selected for Academic Summit, Austin
7. [Dec 17] Nominated for NI Advanced Wireless Research Forum Singapore
8. [Nov 17] PI: UROP Proposal for Acoustic Hardware Design and Security approved
9. [Sept 17] Congratulations to Prof. Tony Q.S. Quek and telecommunication groups in SUTD.  SUTD  featured in top 5 in the world in telecommunication research
10. [Jun 17] Selected for Lightning Talk at HotSec, USENIX, 2017
11. [Jun 17]
Selected for National Instruments Academic Research Grant
12. [May 17] Finished coursework
13. [May 17] Selected for ETH/MIT “Technology and Policy Issues in Singapore”/“Smart Nation” workshop, July 10-14, 2017
14. [Feb 17]
Cleared Qualifier Examination, Anti-Jamming Security Design

  1. undefined Self-Controlled Jamming Resilient Design (Review)

  2. Seamless Security for P2P devices (Submitted to a Tier 1)

  3. undefined AnaPhy: Anonymity Assisted Physical Layer Secret Key Generation (Preparing Journal)

  4. undefinedPoster: RF Based Entropy Sources for Jamming Resilience, ACM WiSec 2019

  5. undefined Poster: AnaPhy: Anonymity Assisted Security at Physical Layer, ACM WiSec 2019

  6. Secret Group Key Generation in Physical Layer for Multi-Antenna Mesh Topology, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security (accepted)

  7. undefinedOptimal Repeater Attack Strategy: Game Theoretic Analysis (Revision, IEEE Comm. Letters) 
  8. Topology Independent Robust and Fast Group Key Agreement using Physical Channel Randomness (Under Preparation)

  9. undefinedFull Duplex-enabled Pilot Contamination Attack Detection and Post-detection Power Control, IEEE Communication Letter

  10. Can You See Me: On Performance of Wireless Fingerprinting in a Cyber Physical System, IEEE HASE 2017

  11. undefined WaterJam: An Experimental case study of Jamming Attacks on a Water Treatment System, QRS 2017, Prague

  12. NI Week, 2016: Physical Layer Key generation test bed using USRP,  Austin, USA.
  13. Jay Prakash, Jue Wang and Jemin Lee, ”Detection of Pilot Contamination Attack with Full-Duplex Receiver”, ITC-CSCC 2015, Seoul, South Korea

Publication Highlights:

Current Comp. Security Conference/Journal Ranking:

 Rank Publication h5-index h5-median                
1. ACM Symposium on Computer and Communications Security 71109
2. IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy(1 submitting) 68109
3. IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security (1+1(review)) 6788
4. USENIX Security Symposium 6193
5. Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS) 56102

Wireless Tech in progress, I have Eyes on:

Companies/Corporate groups to have a close watch on:

  1. Uhana: AI + ML: http://www.uhana.io
  2. XRAN: Next Generation networks: http://www.xran.org/
  3. Dent Wireless: Wireless data+ Block chain: https://www.dentwireless.com/

Courses Taken:
1. Analysis of Algorithms, 2017
2. Wireless Communication, 2016
3. Stochastic Process, 2016
4. Economics of Wireless Networking,2016
5. Technology Entrepreneurship: From IP to IPO,2017
6. Statistics, 2016
7. Information Theory, 2018
8. Introduction to Cryptography, 2018

Teaching Assignments:
1. TA Algorithms, Fall 20172. TA Computer System Engineering (OS+ Net. Security), Spring 2018

Reviewers/ Professional Assignments:

  1. ACM MobiCom, NSDI, MobiSys, IEEE Transaction on Communication and IEEE ICC 2019 and IEEE Communication Letters
  2.  TPC SPC Globecom 2020
  3. IEEE Sensors Journal, VTC 2019 and Hindawi
  4. IEEE Globecom 2018
  5. WCSP’18
  6. IEEE PIMRC 2018
  7.  IEEE WCNC 2017
  8. WCSP’16 ,IEEE PIMRC 2016, IEEE SPAWC 2016,  Globecom2016 WC, ICC’16 WCS, ICC’16 SAC-5 IoT  and IEEE WCNC 2016

Tracking Security Conferences:
Deadline wise
2. Ranking

Undergraduate Thesis : Augmented Software Defined Receiver (SDR) for BEIDOU/COMPASS: 10/10


  • Child Scientist for National level representation at National Children Science Congress, 2003 and 2005.
  • Technical Excellence Award for 2013, Electronics Engineering Society, IIT (BHU), Varanasi
  • Best paper award at AYAAM 2012, Technical Festival, EES, IIT (BHU), Varanasi
  • 2nd prize, All India Technical Festival MODEX-TECHNeX 2011, IIT(BHU), Varanasi
  • Most Innovative Model, National Level Robotics Competition, TECHNeX, IIT(BHU)

Current Team:
1. Saket Chandra
a) Yang Yinyu, SUTD
b) Yan Chen, SUTD
c) Dong Ke, SUTD
d) Zhang Shaozuo, SUTD

Previous research/project attachments:-

1. Dr. Chandra R. Murthy, Electrical Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
2. Dr. Dennis M. Akos, Aerospace Engineering Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
3. Dr. K. P Singh, Electronics Engineering, Ex-Director IIT (BHU), India
4. Dr. S . N Merchant, Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay, India
5. Dr. S .V Kibe, ISRO, India
6. Aditya Kakkar, KIT Germany
7. Dr. Wang Jue, Assistant Professor, Nantong University, Nantong, China
8. Dr. Chan Thai, Assistant Professor, Vietnamese-German University, Vietnam 
9. Prof. Parthajit Mohapatra, IIT Kharagpur, India
10. Dr. Chenxi Liu, SUTD, Singapore
11. Dr. Ruei-Hau (Richard) Hsu, Data Storage Institute, A*STAR, Singapore

Professional Experience:  

Manager, Central Electrical Maintenance, TATA STEEL                         July 13-Nov 1

Drop mail @: Jay.prakash.ece09@iitbhu.ac.in,jay_prakash@mymail.edu.sg or jaypraka@illinois.edu
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Contact@ +65-84528729 (Singapore)linkedin.com/in/jayprakashiitbhu/